Kitty Wells

"Forever Young"

The Queen of Country Music, Kitty Wells and Junction Records has just released her new CD entitled "Forever Young". New songs that have not been released to the public since recorded in 1974. Recorded as a departure from the dependable formula that had propelled her into the "royalty" of country music. This album represented a lot of firsts for Kitty. Not only was it her first record release after leaving MCA and the first time she recorded harmonies by singing with herself; it was almost certainly the only time her musical guide took her in the direction of crossover pop and rock and roll. Naturally, at that time it was considered to be not "country" enough and not "the real Kitty Wells sound", and it was therefore quickly pulled from the marketplace and forgotten. Songs were written by such greats as Bob Dylan, Otis Redding, and Johnny Wright. Produced by Johnny Sandlin with musicians from legendary Southern Rock Bands as Marshall Tucker, Allman Brothers, and Sea Level. A truly remarkable album with Kitty singing like no one has ever heard before! Although this album was ahead of its time, one can hear the early roots of modern country music.

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