In the beginning it was all about the music.

At some point, however, it started being called the "Music Business",
and the attention to bottom line broadened while the art in the music seemed
to grow thinner and thinner.

Simply put, artists with undeniable talent who didn't fit the right niche
on a computer graph... artists with strong and unique expressiveness, but with
music that label directors found difficult to understand... quality artists with the
unfortunate luck to make their appearances when labels were struggling to deal
with rosters already too large to work effectively...
such artists were all too often lost or ignored.

Junction Records has been created to promote strong Artists who might
ordinarily "slip through the cracks" in the routine marketing shuffle and the
web of bureaucracy that constitutes much of the modern Music Industry.
Junction Records is built on the belief that it is the music that is important,
and that strong music finds its own audience. Junction Records believes that,
given the opportunity, the public can know quality music at least as well
as a marketing executive balancing surveys on a computer screen.

Although Junction Records is located in Nashville,
the "home" of Country Music, the artists of the Junction come from
many genres of music. They do share one common characteristic, though.
Each delivers powerful performances based on the
understanding that the music is
what counts...